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If I choose UPS ground shipping, how long will it take to receive?

3-5 business days

Why do franchise locations not have a "Bill Me" payment option?

Bill me” option is currently only available for company
locations due to the required information needed to setup an accounting process
for billing. For our initial launch we will not have a billing option available
for franchise locations

I'm a franchise location and do not have a credit card to enter payment information, what do I do?

Reach out to your franchise leader/owner for a valid credit card to be used for payment. Ensure you have the billing address tied to the credit card for payment to be accepted successfully

How do I forecast the amount of packaging needed when we first launch?

For ease we have created a "Catering Starter Kit" consisting of 1 case of each supply needed to start the program. For future purchases this will depend on volume. Make sure to keep enough supplies to handle 3 catering orders per week. This will vary by location. As the program grows more information and guidance will
be shared

How do I access my account?

Go to the account section (person icon) of the site to login, create an account or hit forgot password if you are having trouble logging in

I have questions/issues with an order I have placed, who do I contact?

please contact or call Mike
directly 440-503-4187 for immediate assistance